DCM, LLC has been a licensed general contractor in the New Mexico for over 25 years. Along with completing projects on time and on budget we also understand that there is another priority that is just as important, building trust. Often our projects are the biggest financial and emotional investments our clients make in their lives. That's a huge responsibility and we take it very seriously.


We offer consultation for any aspect of any project. Maybe you just need an independent perspective for one particular aspect of your project. We are happy to spend a few hours to give you peace of mind. If, on the other hand, you see the project taking a turn for the worse, we can get as involved as you like to help get it back on track. We're here to help.


We have provided owners representation for government transit and health facilities, large commercial restaurants, complicated residential projects and mixed use condominiums. We are often the only party on the project that has one and only one focus; protect the owners’ interest. Since we have worked in all aspects of construction, including as owners ourselves, we know what to watch for. Often our clients tell us that our fee was the wisest investment they made on the project.


We believe in building responsibly. Energy efficiency and sustainable building practices are not just "green wash" with us. We have done LEED platinum projects, solar thermal, photovoltaic, grey water and storm water harvesting projects. Please see the ARTYARD project for a published article on sustainable building by Mitch Davenport.